Alternative to WoodenB and Y&B?

Edit April 8th 2021:

WoodenB has been cancelled but the Y&B KIT can be ordered for delivery later in 2021:


Working on the concept of WoodenB over the past year has opened up another possibility to deliver a more affordable windvane self steering system to you.

To compare the options I've put together a comparison chart for you, available below.

One of the differences you will see there is that the parts come to you unfinished, mostly straight from machining.

The biggest "but" in that concept is that it may prove hard to DIY finishing stainless steel to a level that is not only nice to the touch, but also offers sufficient corrosion resistance.

In researching the matter I have not been able to find a DIY method that guarantees success.

What do you think? Would you be interested in purchasing a set of parts for a self steering system, even if successful corrosion prevention on the stainless steel parts is not the easiest to achieve?

I'd love to read your thoughts, please drop us an email

  WoodenB Y&B Parts Kit Y&B standard
Price, expected * Eu 645,-- to 695,-- € 899,00 € 1.395,00
Description Plywood based self steering kit Self steering system kit, almost the same as Y&B Standard Self steering system kit, ready for final assembly
Mounting kit Tubes and fittings to the boat not included Included, may require extra mounting tube Included, may require extra mounting tube
Availability towards the end of each year To be determined around March
Materials Plywood where possible, plastics, little bit of stainless steel, carbon fiber tube for the pendulum rudder Plastics and unpolished stainless steel, plywood, carbon fiber tube Plastics and polished stainless steel
Additional materials required Epoxy, paint, mounting tubes, and - fittings Epoxy, paint paint
State in which received, requiring Rough parts, requiring finishing, water proofing & glueing with epoxy, painting, assembly Rough parts, requiring mechanical finishing, making the pendulum rudder from supplied parts+epoxy, stainless steel is unpolished, painting if so desired, assembly Ready for final assembly, no effort on visual finish, stainless steel is polished.
Tasks Too many to list here Building pendulum rudder from supplied materials. Finishing: sanding, "polishing" stainless steel, painting (mostly optional), assembly Painting the pendulum rudder, Final assembly
Vane base material Plywood/epoxy Glass fiber box section Glass fiber box section
Pendulum rudder Plywood/epoxy/carbon fiber Plywood/epoxy/carbon fiber Carbon fiber/glass fiber/epoxy/epoxy foam
Tiltable windvane axis No, fixed at 20 degrees Yes, 20-50 degrees Yes, 20-50 degrees
Amount of work required before connecting to the boat Lots, easily several days Medium: expected around 15 hours Little, 1 to 3 hours
Skills required Medium to high Low to medium Low
Removable Pendulum rudder No Yes, releases completely Yes, releases completely
Personal pre sales support None limited Yes
After sales support Forum only Forum only Email, forum, phone
Warranty None 2 years on individual parts except pendulum rudder, No I.W.S.Y.B 2 years on individual parts(limited shipping options)+ 1 year I.W.S.Y.B

* prices Include VAT/sales, not charged outside the European Union

This comparison does not include information that is the same for all systems