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Is the information you need useful for other people?

If so, we'd like it to be in the Mister Vee website. We use the "Frequently Asked Questions" for this.
If not, like the delivery of your order, then please send us an email by following the link further down this page.

Before placing an order
Browse the FAQ section

If you have a question prior to placing - or about an order, please look through the Frequently Asked Questions first.

If you can not find the answer and have a question that should be included in the FAQ section, please use this page to "Ask a question" (this page).
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For urgent contact, contact after placing an order and before taking delivery

Please use the please send us an email using the contact form.

After taking delivery

Information about assembly, fitting and using your system can be very useful to other users.
Please visit the forums and ask a question there if you can't find the answer you need.

If you feel that email is the only appropriate option to contact Mister Vee, please use the contact form.


The Mister Vee self steering systems are designed, built and shipped by:

Mister Vee/Svennovations

Oude Huissenseweg 4-B
Unit E
6834 GS Arnhem
The Netherlands EU

Please make an appointment before visiting us!

Is the information you need too specific to be published on the Mister Vee website?
Email us by clicking the next link:
captain (at)

Van Wijnbergenstraat 31
6721TH Bennekom
The Netherlands EU

Phone (mobile): +31 628 401 405

Chamber of commerce Netherlands: 09086952
VAT number: 129763329B02