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Brexit and Mister Vee

Mister Vee currently do not ship to the United Kingdom.

Since Britain has left the EU single market it has become very difficult to keep on top of all of the rules and regulations applying to shipping and delivering to Britain.

The main problem is the new rules regarding shipping "Small orders".

Any parcel with a value below GBP 135,-- is required to have UK VAT charged and collected, BY MISTER VEE!

For this Mister Vee would need to set up a UK VAT number, separate administration and pay the collected VAT to the UK treasury.

However, the turnover Mister Vee can generate in the UK is way too small to warrant this effort.

The only way it does seem possible to continue shipping these orders to the UK is to declare a minimum order value of GBP 135,-- on all parcels, regardless of actual value.

This is unpleasant on Navik parts, but it seems ridiculous to have to declare a minimum value of GBP 135,-- on free replacement parts in case of warranty on Mister Vee systems. But unfortunately, there seems to be no other way.

This also makes it impossible to price the risk of warranty issues for Mister Vee self steering systems, which is why Mister Vee have decided to no longer to ship to the UK.

This information is now part of the Mister Vee terms of sale, under "Sales tax/VAT"



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