Brexit and Mister Vee

After leaving the EU, the UK government has introduced new rules regarding importing goods.

There now is a difference in selling items below 135,-- pounds and above.

As far as could be determined, orders above the 135,-- pounds are the same as any other country Mister Vee ship to: Import duties and VAT or sales tax are paid to the delivery driver of the parcel.

But the items below 135 pounds are totally different. For these Mister Vee would need to get a UK VAT number, charge UK vat on the order and pay the collected VAT to UK customs or tax office.

It unclear at he moment on how this would work and until things become clear, no shipments to the UK will take place.

If you order as a business(representative) for delivery to that business and you can supply a valid UK VAT number then the order can be paid for without VAT.