Shop not working

After the system update of November 26th it has emerged that the Mister Vee shop is not allowing orders to be processed.

Work will start on Monday 30st to correct this.

Mister Veedeos


Using Self steering:

Servo pendulum principle:

Video by Nathan Witworth, winner of a Y&B self steering system in the 2011 Mister V(r)ee video competition:

Video by La Belle Helene from Spain, their entry for the 2011 Mister V(r)ee video competition:

Y&B with the wind from behind. Generally the most challenging course for windvane self steering:

This is why Mister Vee systems do so well in light winds and down wind courses:

Y&B prototype at work, viewed from outside the boat:

Mister Vee Y&B steering a Northbeach 24 with transom hung rudder:

Mounting The predecessor of Y&B, Stainless WALT to the boat. This process is very simmilar to mounting Y&B.