Mister Vee self steering systems

How durable is the plastic used for Mister Vee systems?

Most plastics suffer from degradation due to the influence of ultra violet rays to some extent.
But the plastics used by Mister Vee are either in a position where actual strength is not much of an issue or a fibre reinforced version is used.
The fibres do not get damaged by UV so the only problem that may occur (after several years of use) is that the fibres become exposed at the surface of the tubes.

Are plastic gears really strong enough?

The gears are part of the system that transfers movement from the windvane to the vertical axis of pendulum rudder.
The gears ONLY transfer movement, not force. And yes, they are strong enough.

But hang on, why do other brands use bronze or stainless steel?

The Mister Vee pendulum rudder is almost perfectly balanced. The forces that are generated by the rudder act on the centre of the pendulum rudder tube.
This means that the gears indeed only transfer movement and sheer strength is not an issue.

Where do I find the manuals?

The manual for using your Vee (and servo pendulum systems in general) can be found in the Mister Vee brochure in the download section.

The assembly manuals are available as PDF files. Access to these files is enabled when your system is shipped.
You need to be logged in to access them. They can be reached from a menu further down the website.

Why do Mister Vee no longer sell systems for self assembly?

From the start in 2006 the Mister Vee self steering systems were shipped in parts to be self assembled. This allowed packing the systems by an external company at a very low rate.

In 2012 government policies on these kinds of companies changed resulting in turmoil.

This eventually lead to poorer quality and unhappy customers.

To get quality back up we took back parts handling. As it turned out it took relatively little extra time to actually assemble the systems in stead of just picking parts. As a bonus, parts get an extra check if they are up to standard.

What is Light weight?

From the start the Mister Vee self steering systems were designed to be light weight.

But how light is light?

There are brands that claim to offer "light weight" but do not mention the actual weight anywhere.
Or their claim to light weight dates back to the 1980's.

Let there be no doubt. Mister Vee offer the lightest self steering systems ever!

The standard version of Mr. Vane weighs just over 6.5 kgs or 14.5 lbs.
The standard version of Y&B weighs about 10 kgs or 21 lbs. This is also the lightest system ever. How?

Can I mount my system off centre?

On many boats there is equipment mounted on the transom that makes it difficult to mount a self steering system on the boats centre line.

It may be tempting to take the easy route and mount the system off centre so it clears the other equipment.
However, mounting the system off centre may result in the pendulum rudder surfacing on some courses, resulting in sudden loss of power and poor steering.

For the best results on all courses, always mount the system on the boats centre line.