098 Pendulum rudder

The general assembly manual for the pendulum rudder is at the bottom

How to change the rudder tubes length:

  1. Once you have measured by how much you need to shorten it, follow the following steps:
  2. Be sure that the balls inside the bearings do not role away in case they fall out! Do the next procedure inside!
  3. Take of the big gear
  4. Put a piece of tape below the bottom inner pendulum bearing, on the rudder tube, to where the bearing should be moved to shorten the required amount
  5. Loosen the jubilee clips, DO NOT YET move the bearings!
  6. Tie some string around the bearings and the rudder tube so the bearings and outer bearing tube stay together when sliding them
  7. Slide the bearing set against the tape marker
  8. Reconnect the jubilee clips, the top one not yet fully
  9. Use a hacksaw to gently cut through the rudder tube, going about 3 mm at a time, then move the saw to the next bit of tube wall.
  11. Always do this step by step around the tube.
  12. DO NOT inhale the carbon saw dust!
  13. Remove the bearing plug from the former top of the pendulum rudder
  14. Insert it in to the new top of the pendulum rudder.
  15. Reconnect the big gear
  16. When on the boat, realign the big and small gear so the pendulum rudder tracks correctly again.

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