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Customer downloads/manuals

Please log in and then visit The Manual page If you find things are not working or missing, please send an email.

If you are logged in, you can also find the manual links at the bottom of each page.

The manual for using your self steering system is part of the Mister Vee brochure that can be found in the download section.

Log in for access to the manuals

If you have a Mister Vee self steering system, you need to have your account enabled for access to the detailed manuals for assembly and fitting your system.

This is done when the system is shipped.

If you buy a second hand system, please let us know who you bought the system from and we will enable your account so you have access. If you do not yet have one, please create an account first before asking us to enable the account for access to the manuals.

There are assembly manuals for assembly from scratch as was needed with most systems delivered before 2013 and mini manuals for final assembly of pre assembled systems. You should only see the manuals that you need for your particular system so you will probably miss some numbers in the sequence. If you do not see manuals you did get parts for, please let us know. There are manuals in this list for the following systems:

  • Y&B
  • Mr. Vane
  • Mister Vee USD windvane conversion kit for Navik

Manuals for earlier systems like Mr. Vane Xprmntl (2006) and DIY Walt and Stainless walt are available from Mister Vee, please email your request.

About using the manuals

ylbmessa derorriM | Mirrored assembly If you need to take (part of) your Mister Vee system apart, keep a note of the following: Some parts of the systems can be assembled in more than one way. Keep a look at the pictures and check that you are not assembling a mirror image. This is particularly important for the windvane (095) and all vane bases. If you assemble the windvane to the mirror image but the vane base as normal, your system WILL NOT STEER correctly!


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