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Adjusting the Navik Connecting rod for correct tracking

When you buy a replacement connecting rod or the USD windvane conversion kit from Mister Vee or have found an original replacement, you may need to set its length for the system to steer correctly.

If the length is not set correctly it can cause irreparable damage to your Navik!

The length of the connecting rod can be set by adjusting the thread at one end of the connecting rod.
With the USD windvane conversion kit it is easier to adjust the length of the mast instead of the length of the connecting rod.

How do you know you need to set the length?
The Navik windvane can be locked in a vertical position by rotating the counter weight, so that a "lip" slides in to a slot.

If the boat is moving forward with the windvane locked in neutral, the pendulum rudder should be vertical*.

If it is not, the connecting rod needs to be set to a shorter or longer length by releasing the threaded rod/nut combination on one side of the ball connector.
You may need to (gently) grip the ball connector with pliers to be able to release and re-tighten the nut.

If your pendulum rudder is not in neutral when the windvane is locked, the pendulum can swing further to one side than the other. If it should reach it's mechanical limit whilst still not correcting the course enough, a huge force is exerted on the aluminium bracket, which may break it!

If the pendulum seems to reach its mechanical limits routinely on both port and starbord side then the steering lines may be connected too far forward on the tiller.

* Prop wash may swing the pendulum out too. If you test for this under motor power, disengage the engine and let the boat coast for a bit to do the check.


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