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Mister Vee manufacture the lightest yet very affordable windvane self steering systems.
We also manufacture replacement parts for Navik self steering systems.

For most sailors, buying a windvane self steering system is a big step.
For some it is the second or third most expensive piece of equipment.

On our end, getting the system to you, as you ordered it and in good shape, takes quite a bit of effort.
Because Mister Vee aims to be a budget friendly alternative we want the process from us receiving your order to you taking delivery and setting it up on your boat to be as streamlined as possible.

That is why the Mister Vee website is the centre of communication between you and Mister Vee, and why all orders need to go through the webshop.

Order process
  • Add the product of choice to the cart by clicking the "add to cart" button
  • Maybe add more products by clicking the "continue shopping" button
  • Click "checkout" to start finalising placing the order
  • Fill out all details on the checkout page
  • Click "review order"
  • Click "back to change details of your order" or click "submit order"

You will receive a confirmation by email.


After submitting your order through the Mister Vee website you will then receive a payment request for either the full amount of your order (including handling and shipping) or for a eu 50.-- down payment to make use of the Batched Delivery Discount.
The payment request for the full amount is sent when your order is (almost) ready to be packed or shipped.

The payments are handled by Multisafepay, an external payment provider, that allows you to use one of several payment options, which vary from one country to another.
When using Multisafepay no critical creditcard- or bank details are shared with Mister Vee.

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