Mister Vee self steering systems

Can windvane self steering be used on a multi hull or fast mono hull?

Windvane self steering can not cope with constant acceleration followed by slowing down.

When the boat accelerates to a significantly higher speed, the direction of the apparent wind changes. The windvane will steer the boat away from the wind, changing the total balance of boat and windvane.
The boat can then easily lose power from the sails and the system starts to steer back in to the wind.
This means that it may not be possible to steer an ultra light displacement boat or multi hull.

Is windvane self steering practical on a very small boat?

If you have a (very) small boat you may wonder if it can be useful to set up a windvane self steering system.
Usually that will depend on two things: The kind of sailing you do how windvane self steering compares to the alternatives.
If you never go sailing for more than two hours then for most it would be pointless. But if you always get too tired when you sail longer that 2 hours but you actually would like to go futher, then windvane self steering may be the ticket to Vreedom.