New website for Mister Vee in 2015

Over the next months the Mister Vee website will be replaced with a brand new one.

Here is what may happen during the transition:

- The website may also be off line for longer than during normal maintenance
- The website will be read-only for a period of time (no orders can be placed then and no new accounts can be made)
- Only limited data will be transferred to the new site, so things may not work as you are used to.
- And maybe other things too...


The pendulum rudder is not in neutral when the boat is moving

The pendulum rudder is not neutral when the boat is moving. The windvane is in neutral position (locked or able to move) and the steering lines are not connected to the rudder.
This can be caused by:

  • One or more connections has slipped and/or needs adjusting:
    • between the top-and bottom part of the vane mast
    • between the gear axle lever and the gear axle
    • between the big gear and the pendulum rudder
    • in the pushrod
  • Propwash during motoring

Slipping as a result of abnormal forces (like the pendulum rudder touching another boat) should only be corrected, do not tighten the connections further.
First, check to see if the gear axle lever is horizontal when the windvane is in neutral position. With Mr. Vane, the bearing carrier has noches to act as a reference.
If the gear axle lever is not horizontal, adjust the length of the vane mast.
When motoring:
Prop wash may push the pendulumrudder a bit sideways. Disengage the drive to see if the pendulumrudder returns to neutral when you are moving forward without the propellor turning. This sideways push is not a problem.
Otherwise the leading edge of the pendulumrudder is not pointing forward when the pendulumrudder is in neutral position. This will cause the pendulum rudder to swing out when the boat is moving forward. Lock the windvane by moving the mast slider down the mast.

Make sure the boat is not moving. Disconnect the pendulum rudder from the KUM bracket and reconnect it towards the neutral position so that the big plastic gear moves by one tooth relative to the small gear.
If this over-corrects so that the pendulum rudder now stays off neutral to the other side, adjust the big gear on the top of  pendulum rudder by half a tooth.
If this situation occurs AFTER it has been corrected the folowing may be the case:
The gears are too loose, check the tightness of the gear axle lever on the gear axle and the bolt that holds the big gear to the pendulum rudder. 
If this is ok, this may be the case:
The two gears are not close enough together so they can “jump teeth”. Loosen the big green tubeclamps that hold the pendulum bearing tube and move the pendulum rudder a tiny bit upwards, taking care that the contact between the gears does not get too big!
See the assembly manual for further reference.