Mister Navik self steering?

Hello Sailor!

Before Mister Vee started selling windvane self steering systems, Navik was the prime choice for setting up self steering for the smaller boats out there.

But at the very moment the final version of Mr. Vane was introduced in 2007, Plastimo stopped selling their complete Navik units.

There are still quite a few Navik self self steering systems in use but spares have been a bit hard to get.
Mister Vee now offer an alternative!

Both the Jointed connector and the connecting rod, the parts that are most prone to damage or being dropped overboard, can now be ordered from the webshop.

But what if you have a Navik that needs other parts?

Mister Vee now offer a discount of up to 40% if you trade in your Navik for a Vee!

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