Fitting self steering to my boat

Mr. Vane or Y&B ?

For a boat with a transom hung rudder I recommend Y&B standard with an extra mounting tube.
This system has a mounting kit included that together with the extra mounting tube allows for mounting around and behind the rudder.

For fitting to smaller boats Y&B can be ordered with a short pendulum rudder, which is a free option.

Complex mounting: System Behind center transom Outboard Engine?

The Mr. Vane self steering system was designed to be mounted below and in front of an outboard engine fitted on a specific type of outboard bracket.

For this purpose, the vane mast can be fitted to the vane base off centre, allowing the engine to be lifted up (outboard bracket) and tilted (engine mechanism).

This can be seen in the Mister Vee brochure available from the download section.

I have a sugarscoop stern

The mounting kit that is included with Y&B standard does allow for the kind of mounting a sugar scoop requires. From the pictures on the internet it is unclear if you would need just 1 extra mounting tube or more, the scoop seems to extend quite a bit.

If your boat has wheel steering, you would also need a wheel adapter. But if the boat has an option to connect the self steering system to an emergency tiller, that would be easier to realize and easier to use.

The emergency tiller would need to be about 30 cm/1' long and can point backwards if that makes things easier.

Will I need an extra mounting tube for Y&B

For the transom described in the question the single tube that is included with Y&B standard should be enough.
The Y&B vane base is about 200mm/8" long so the pendulum rudder will well behind the rear of the transom.

As long as the rudder does not stick out behind the transom, that distance should suffice.
If you like to examine these kinds of questions before contacting us, there is a drawing with dimensions in the download section of the website.

Can I combine a self steering system with my swim ladder?

The best advice would be to remove the ladder, then fit self steering, then find a new solution for the boarding the boat, either by relocating the old ladder or fitting a new one.

Trying to combine self steering with an existing ladder almost always means much more work to fit, less satisfying performance or use of the self steering system and more difficult use of the ladder.