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After the system update of November 26th it has emerged that the Mister Vee shop is not allowing orders to be processed.

Work will start on Monday 30st to correct this.

10 KG/22 LBS Self steering
€ 1.395,00

Image removed.The Light weight option:

At around 10 kgs (22lbs) in the configuration shown on the right, Y&B is easily the lightest windvane self steering system available.

  • Super versatile mounting system
  • Pendulum rudder is glass fibre/epoxy foam, with a carbon fibre stock
  • Carbon fibre mounting tubes
  • Other parts except the windvane are glass fibre and stainless steel
  • Acetal bearings in the pendulum rudder
  • PE/steel bearings in the pendulum axle
  • Acetal/glass ball bearings in the windvane
  • High performance plastic bevel gears

The configuration shown on the right uses an extra mounting tube, available from the shop.

You supply:

  • Rope for the steering lines (5 mm dyneema/spectra)
  • Guide blocks on the boat (usually 2)
  • Nuts & bolts to connect the system to the boat

For the most complete information, please refer to the Mister Vee brochure, available from the download section.

Y&B windvane self steering system