10 KG/22 LBS Self steering
€ 1.395,00

Image removed.The Light weight option:

At around 10 kgs (22lbs) in the configuration shown on the right, Y&B is easily the lightest windvane self steering system available.

  • Super versatile mounting system
  • Pendulum rudder is glass fibre/epoxy foam, with a carbon fibre stock
  • Carbon fibre mounting tubes
  • Other parts except the windvane are glass fibre and stainless steel
  • Acetal bearings in the pendulum rudder
  • PE/steel bearings in the pendulum axle
  • Acetal/glass ball bearings in the windvane
  • High performance plastic bevel gears

The configuration shown on the right uses an extra mounting tube, available from the shop.

You supply:

  • Rope for the steering lines (5 mm dyneema/spectra)
  • Guide blocks on the boat (usually 2)
  • Nuts & bolts to connect the system to the boat

For the most complete information, please refer to the Mister Vee brochure, available from the download section.

Y&B windvane self steering system