Centre cockpit: Will windvane self steering work?

A boat with a centre cockpit requires longer steering lines and more guide blocks than a boat with a normal cockpit.

This can easier lead to more stretch and less responsive steering. Combining that with wheel steering kan make things even more complicated.
On a wheel steered boat there often is a reduction between the wheel and the rudder. If that reduction is done with hydraulics, Mister Vee do not offer self steering for your boat. The hydraulics have too much internal friction for a standard servo pendulum system to overcome.

If your boat has a connection for an emergency tiller that can be used for windvane steering, that is by far the easiest option. The systems from Mister Vee require a tiller of about 35 cm (just over 1') and if it would make things easier, it can even point to the rear of the boat. If there is no E-tiller, then a wheel adapter is required. This is connected to the centre of the steering wheel and the steering lines are connected to the adapter.