Mister Vee USD windvane replacement for Navik

€ 275.00 incl VAT (only applied in the EU)

Conversion kit to replace the Navik windvane with a Mister Vee USD (Up Side Down) windvane. This conversion should give your Navik better off wind performance.

The kit consist off:

  • Mister Vee USD windvane, including the mast slider for easier locking of the windvane
  • Mast Extension
  • Longer connecting rod

This upgrade needs the top of the naviks mast to be bare, the turret and the plastic top bracket of your Naviks mast will need to be removed, including the knob for rotating the windvane.

The Mister Vee windvane is rotated by hand.
If you can not (easily) reach the vane mast then a remote control is needed. Please get in touch with Mister Vee for options.