can I use on Catalina 36 with scoop transom and swim ladder

I have been researching these wind vanes till my eyes are cross and my brain is fried. I tried looking at you site and you advise to move the swim ladder but you say the vane was designed for a centre motor, so I am confused. so here is my question. Is it worth me examining further your vane for a Catalina 36 with wheel, about 16,000 lbs with sugar scoop stern and center swim ladder? If this is a 'probably yes" I will look into it further.

The system that is advised for a centre motor is Mr. Vane, but that is for a centrally mounted outboard engine.

For a central swim ladder on a scoop Y&B standard + an extra mounting tube may work, but that depends on how the ladder deploys.
The blue boat on the Y&B product page has a telescopic slide out ladder:

If the ladder has to swing up over the top before it passes the system, it will depend on how high the system can be mounted compared to the swing height of the ladder.