Complex mounting: System Behind center transom Outboard Engine?

I REALLY hope your self steering will work with my boat.....

I have a sailboat with outboard engine mounted to a vertically articulating hinge arrangement, at center of transom.
I noticed your mounting apparatus that accommodates a low mounted swim platform, and it gave me hope that self steering may still be possible without removing or relocating my existing engine.
What do I need to present to you to proceed with a decision as to whether your self steering will work?
Desired outcome: Maintain tilt arrangement of outboard engine.
Add self steering. Achieve self steering system with no problems between the engine and self steering.
Questions: Does this sound like something that will work? Will turbulence and thrust of engine damage/destroy blade of self steering/ cause other issues? Does/can water blade retract for engine operations?
Please indicate whether you can advise how to proceed. Thank you.

The Mr. Vane self steering system was designed to be mounted below and in front of an outboard engine fitted on a specific type of outboard bracket.

For this purpose, the vane mast can be fitted to the vane base off centre, allowing the engine to be lifted up (outboard bracket) and tilted (engine mechanism).

This can be seen in the Mister Vee brochure available from the download section.

If this does not suit the situation on your boat, please use send us an email to explain the situation.