Epoxy rudder (starting 2015)

Starting 2015 the Mister Vee self steering systems are shipped with a glass/carbon/epoxy rudder.

Paint it

Epoxy has no resistance to deterioration from UV light.
Because of this, the rudder needs to be painted.
You can use any paint that will stick and can stand being submerged for a prolonged time.

Under water primer is fine, antifouling will work, as will most boat paints.
There may be some residue from the casting process, please scrub thoroughly with bathroom cleaner, letting it dry before painting.
The paint does not need to protect the pendulum rudder from the effects of water itself.

Check if and how it floats

After mounting the system, check if the pendulum rudder wants to float to the surface.
As it probably will, check if it does so with its leading edge tilting down so that it would want to go down when the boat moves forward.

If it floats flat, you may need an extra counter weight which will be shipped free of charge.

About the rudder flotation

This epoxy rudder is significantly lighter, saving about 800 grams compared to the polyurethane rudder. This lightness comes from a less dense filler (epoxy foam) and a lower blade volume.

Because of this light weight it might want to float up to the surface at very low speeds, even though the lower volume gives less buoyancy.
Because of where the center of gravity is compared to where the centre of flotation is, the rudder might want to stay at the surface.

This has happened to a very small percentage of users with the polyurethane rudder, usually with very low mountings.

To minimize the trouble with pendulum rudder flotation, for both you and Mister Vee the new rudder has an integrated counter weight.

As the production methods are still being worked out and there are variations in the weight of the rudder blade due to variations in temperature during casting, it might be that in your particular mounting the weight that was added during casting is not enough.

If that is the case, you will see the blade float up at rest, lying flat instead of tipping forward as described earlier.
Please contact Mister Vee to receive the additional counter weight, free of charge.

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