Can the boat be reversed with a servo pendulum system on the transom?

Self steering systems are designed to be used when the boat is going forward. But what happens when you (need to) reverse the boat?

With a servo pendulum, the blade will be unstable when reversing the boat and it will want to swing to the side.
If it can do so freely then there is no problem. It will float to the surface and will not affect the boats manoeuvring.

But it is very different when the pendulum rudder can not float to the surface freely.
The swing can be limited by design, like with monitor, Aries and Beaufort self steering systems, or by set-up, for instance the steering lines do not allow a full swing.

If the swing is limited by design, there will be a pull to the side that needs to be compensated the opposite way.

If the swing is limited by the steering lines, VERY BIG LOADS may act upon parts of the steering line guidance which can cause damage or dislocation to the mounting. Proceed backwards with caution. Contact Mister Vee for advice.