Frequently Asked Questions - wheel steering

Is it possible to relocate the vane and mast horizontally aft to clear the mizzen boom, keeping the pendulum at the stern?

I have a clearance issue with my mizzen boom and sheeting. I have a wooden plank athwartships 560mm aft on top of davits about where I could mount the mast. I would need a horizontal shaft to connect the two parts.

Additionally my stern deck is 1270mm above the waterline.
I have wheel steering and did not find the section on wheel steering in the FAQ.
Is this possible?

That is a complicated puzzle to solve.
If I read the question correctly, the pendulum rudder would need to be in front of the vane mast?

At first glance, a system could be set up that way, but I'd have to study that setup to see if the geometry would actually steer the boat.
It would mean that the pendulum rudder can not be swung out of the water when at rest, as it would be between mounting tubes.

But the distance between the pendulum rudder and vane mast can be made "at any length"

There is a FAQ section on wheel steering from now on, but not all questions will show up there.

For more detailed study on this topic, please send some pictures of the boat to captain (a)

Generally, No, unless there is a bypass valve and an emergency tiller option.

The servo pendulum systems that are on offer from Mister Vee can not overcome the internal friction of a hydraulic transmission of steering input. Only auxiliary rudder type systems, which Mister Vee do not offer, will do in this situation.