Frequently Asked Questions - Navik self steering parts


I'm interested in purchasing a replacement Under water Paddle Reference number 61-16-702 with Trim tab. Are these available and at what price?

The trimtab is more or less ready for a first order, and digital tooling for the rudder blade is in the works.
If you also need the rudder shaft, this is not on offer but there is something brewing there.

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Can you supply the Navik windvane blade itself? Mine has cracked on the pivot point and would like a replacement.

Many Thanks


We did do some development on a replacement blade but found it was easier and thus cheaper to make the conversion kit that uses the Mister Vee UpSideDown windvane instead.

This set is available from the webshop.

I lost my pendulum rudder of the navik vane. Horrible!! My vane is now useless. How do I get a new vane pendulum rudder

Currently Mister Vee have a replacement rudder "In the planning stage"
The trim tab is about ready to enter production.

However, the rudder blade only exists in a digital form, and can not be made available on a short term.

Please send us an email through the contact form so we can discuss a time frame.

the moulded aluminium part that connects to the swinging navik 'rudder' is broken: can you offer this part and if so, what would it cost, including shipping to las palmas?


All parts that are on offer as a standard product are available from the webshop.

There are a few parts that are not currently available but are within the manufacturing options of Mister Vee.

Unfortunately, most metal parts that include welding or casting of aluminium are too complicated to set up for the very small numbers that might be sold resulting in a price that would be too high anyway.

The only part that is welded stainless steel in the original Navik that may get a Mister Vee replacement is the trim tab.

I would like to get 2 Navik Jointed connectors but I am not in a hurry to get them. When should I place my order to get the 20% early order discount?

Only the Mister Vee self steering systems are eligible for the Batched Manufacturing discount.

More information about this can be found in the terms of sale

Navik parts are made year round and can be ordered at any time.

Ik vaar met een victoire 34, met een stuurwiel. Twee jaar geleden heb ik een tweedehands navik op de kop kunnen tikken. Door omstandigheden heb ik er nog niet mee kunnen varen.

Nu ik me wat beter in windvanen heb verdiept begin ik te twijfelen of de navik wel een goed systeem is op mijn schip en overweeg toch wat anders te kiezen Komend jaar vertrekken we voor een rondje atlantic... dus ik kan de navik niet uitgebreid testen voordat ik vertrek.

Is er ooit een Navik / Y&B op een victoire 34/1044 geplaatst en was dit succesvol? Zo nee, enige indicaties of dit succesvol kan zijn of niet?



Navik self steering systems have generally been used for for smaller boats with tiller steering.
But as long as the wheel steering is purely mechanical, the forces that need to be generated are more or less similar to tiller steering, except for the power to accelerate the steering wheel, if very quick and rather big movements are needed.

So in general, a Navik should be able to steer a boat with a steering wheel.

But if there should arise a need for the boat to be steered with bigger forces, like in a sudden gust of wind, with no time to adjust the trim of the sails, the system will try to provide that bigger force, and the way the paddle is designed may prove too weak.

Hi, Im sure you get this question often..

I was givin a navik windvane. I want to know if ALL parts are still available before I spend alot of money installing it.

I have heard Navik is a great windvane so Im hoping I can service/replace parts for years to come.

The parts that are readily available are listed in the webshop.

Besides those, plans are in the works for developing tools for the pendulum rudder blade.
The trim tab is more or less ready to go in to production.

The parts that are very unlikely to be made available are all remaining parts made of metal.

Only the parts that are mentioned in the webshop are on offer as a standard product. Have a look at the Navik parts in the webshop.

If you need another part we still may be able to help, please let us know.

All Navik replacement parts sold by Mister are new designs made from the same or better quality materials.

There are a few websites that offer new spare parts for Navik.
But as far as we can tell, Mister Vee is the only company that can actually deliver.
That is because Plastimo no longer make parts but Mister Vee does.